Shoes Selling Business and Required Capital

Selling shoes is a lucrative type of business. This is because shoes are the most sought-after item both for everyday use and as a collection need. The demand for shoe products is also increasing. Of course, the shoe business is occupied by many people.

Why do you have to do the shoe business? Selling shoes can be a business choice because there are minimal losses, considering that this product will not be damaged or expired.
Even so, it depends on how you store the stock of shoes you want to sell.

In addition, selling various types of shoes for men and women will certainly increase the profit you get. This is because the more varied the shoe models offered, the more attractive it will be to many customers.

Interested in opening a business selling shoes? Here’s the way!

1 Looking for information

Study and analyze how the shoe business works. This can be done by discussing with people who have successfully run a shoe business.
Also look for other sources of information from books, business magazines, the internet, and so on that can add to the certificate as well as knowledge about the shoe business.

2 Selection of segments and prices

Choose the segment and what type you will sell. Also consider the quality with the price of the shoes you sell.
Try to compare the prices of shoes sold with well-known products that have the same model and specifications. In order to determine the appropriate segment and price, try to compile a business model canvas that helps your business grow.

3 Looking for distributors

One of the first ways to start a shoe business besides finding information and choosing segments is to find distributors or suppliers that you will sell. Look for trusted distributors so you don’t worry when working with them.
Look for distributors who provide originals on the internet or ask experienced friends. On the internet there are many distributors who offer their products there.
If you have found a distributor, talk to him if you want to sell, so you can get lower prices for buying in large quantities.

4 Choose the type and brand of shoes

There are lots of types and brands that are also much sought after by people. There are types of casual shoes that are suitable for going to the mall, sports shoes that are very comfortable to wear, and sneakers that are currently hits.

5 Selling shoes on social media or marketplace

Take advantage of social media to sell online, such as Instagram and Facebook, considering that some people are more comfortable seeing photos of a product on social media.

6 Take clear photos of shoes

Take photos of the shoes that you sell from various sides so that buyers know the conditions that will be purchased. Don’t forget to complete the information on the model you are selling.
In addition, describe the complete shoe material and size chart, so that customers don’t get confused.